17 март 2018

Schofield Floor Lamp

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Schofield Floor Lamp
A chic twist on classic style, this lovely floor lamp will bring not only a warm glow to your home, but also a pop of unexpected elegance. The simple frame and oil rubbed bronze finish lets this lovely luminary blend in with any ensemble, while the scrolling top design with leaf accents imbues it with artful appeal and striking sophistication. This lamp is also topped with a classic bell shade with neutral-toned fabric for a touch of traditional appeal. Try setting this timeless lamp in an unused corner of your living room, then pull up two brown leather arm chairs and roll out a red Persian rug to craft a classically styled reading nook. Next, add an extra touch of coziness by topping the two chairs with plush pillows and a soft red knit throw.
Schofield Floor Lamp

UL listed for indoor use only
Durable construction
Use incandescent bulbs
Note: Using an LED light bulb could cause a safety hazard
Schofield Floor Lamp
Product Details:

Product Type: Standard
Number of Lights: 1
Switch Type: 3-Way
Replaceable Bulb Included: No
Bulb Type: Incandescent
Wattage: 150Watt
Material: Metal
Schofield Floor Lamp

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Schofield Floor Lamp

One of the most tricky aspects of residential interior design is the introduction of natural light and Schofield Floor Lamp. Natural light gives a home a feeling of spaciousness and vibrance, as well as a sense of cleanliness and comfort. Whether you’re making major adjustments with residential interior design or simply changing things up a bit, there are numerous ways to invite natural light into the home.

Along the less intensive track, a few simple ideas might do the trick. First, a very easy one: remove blockages from windows! Yes, you’ll be surprised how much light can be brought into a room by not only opening curtains and blinds, but completely removing them. Moving furniture away from the windows will also create a feeling of increased natural light. Another slightly more complex, but still moderately simple decision that can help accentuate any natural light available is to repaint walls in bright reflective colors, such as white or yellow.

An the more intensive side of residential interior design, you can install reflective floors to powerfully increase the amount of natural light in a home. Rather than light absorbing carpets and rugs, try shiny and polished hard wood. Removing obstructions on your property like excessive foliage can keep more light streaming into the house, and adding a skylight can multiply the effect. Extending a home outward into the yard can really bring in natural light. This can be done by simply building an enclosed patio, but can also get as complex as installing a movable wall that opens up a whole room to the world. These are just a few of numerous other residential interior design and Schofield Floor Lamp, and methods that can help increase natural light in the home.
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